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Dear IPMN Colleagues

Many of you may have the wish to enrich your teaching with some elements other than yourself lecturing. Or you may want to learn more about concepts, without having to read a lot. My university has started a new initiative to have professors explain some of their key research topics on
a video of not more than 10 minutes. Mine is on "multi-rational management".

This gave me the idea that others might have similar videos, and that we could collect them for use by IPMN members. I found one with Christopher Hood, for example. We thought this would be a good idea, so we have started

IPMN Classroom

To see it, go to: http://www.ipmn.net/index.php/ipmn-classroom

If you have a video of yourself explaining a key concept, maybe similar to the videos that are already in the classroom, let us know. They must be in Youtube, so we can set a link, and they must not be longer than 10 minute.

JUST HAVE A LOOK! I hope you like the idea.

Best wishes