International Public Management Network (IPMN)

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Looking for a member?

If you're a registred IPMN member, you can either search IPMN members in the database (Search Database) or on the map (Search on Map).

Want to Join IPMN?

To become a member you need to fill out the Membership Application. And it is absolutely free!

By completing your membership information you are NOT automatically added to the IPMN List Server. The list server allows you to make contact with all IPMN members with a single e-mail message. It also permits you to participate in dialogues on issues of importance to the field, and it keeps you up-to-date on IPMN events including conferences and workshops. To join the IPMN List Server you need to Subscribe to IPMN ListServer

Want to Unsubscribe from the IPMN list-server?

If you would like to unsubscribe from the IPMN list-server but still be a member of IPMN, you can do that by following this link.