IPMN 2018 Conference

Attached is a preliminary program for the upcoming IPMN conference, September 20-21 and also some practical information. Please check the preliminary program, especially your own assignments and give us feedback if you have comments on the draft program.

We would also like to know for those of you who have co-authors who will attend the conference. Co-authors are also welcome but please be aware that we only cover one person pr paper.

The deadline for submitting the final paper is September 1.

Please upload the paper on this link: http://uni.no/machform-rokkansenteret///view.php?id=17078

The papers can be found here: https://wpms.computing.uni.no/govcap/organizing-for-internal-security-and-crisis-management/covcap-closing-conference/

You will need the password found on the September 13 email from Jeanette Nilsen jeni@norceresearch.no

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Bergen in September!