Naschold Award

About the Award

In 1999, IPMN established “The Frieder Naschold Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Field of Public Management.” This award honors the career achievements and memory of our late German colleague and scholar, Frieder Naschold, who died unexpectedly at the height of his career. In many ways, the life and work of Frieder Naschold symbolize the ethic of excellence in research and scholarship, providing a model to inspire us all. The award is given once every other year for the best paper presented at an IPMN conference.

2017 – IPMN Conference in Shanghai, China
Youlang Zhang and Xufeng Zhu
“Multiple Mechanisms of Innovation Diffusion in China”

2012 – IPMN Conference in Manoa, Hawaii
Roy T. Meyers:
“The Remarkable Case of Disappearing Earmarks in the United States: The Limits of Transparency Reforms”

2010 – IPMN Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Jiannan Wu, Yuqian Yang and Liang Ma:
“Linking Public Service Outcomes and Social Integration: An Investigation into a Chinese Minority Community Confronting Housing Relocation

2008 – IPMN Conference in Bangkok, Thailand
Richard Norman:
“Controlling or Empowering? New Capability Challenges for Central Agencies”

2006 – IPMN Conference in St. Gallen, Switzerland
Steven Van de Walle:
“Determinants of Confidence in the Civil Service”

2004 – IPMN Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Michael Barzelay and Evgeniya Shvets:
“Brazil in Action”

2002 – IPMN Conference in Siena, Italy
Jane Broadbent, Jas Gill, School and Richard Laughlin:
” The Development of Contracting in the Context of Infrastructure Investment in the UK: The Case of the Private Finance Initiative in the National Health Service”

2000 – IPMN Conference in Sydney, Australia
Nancy Roberts:
“Wicked Problems in Public Management: The Case of Afghanistan”